A team that knows the front-end and back-end of your website can quickly address any issues that may jeopardize the visibility or security of your website. Our hosting team will keep your site running smoothly, limiting costly downtime.
Did you know that there are many different ways to host your website? Shared hosting, cloud-based, virtual private server, dedicated web server, and the list goes on. Most hosting solutions put your website on shared servers which can be overloaded with thousands of websites, slowing websites to a crawl during peak times. Wallendorf Studio ensures that your website is hosted on the best server for your needs, and ensures that they are performance testing and responsive at all times.
1. Speed: It is now common knowledge in the web world that 76% of users who wait for a page load time of more than 6 seconds will close the page. This means you’ve potentially lost a client to another competitor within that six 6 seconds. With our hosting setup, our clients experience typically sees increased times of 4x-6x faster than their previous providers.
2. Concierge Support: We’re offering something that we call “concierge support”. With any of our hosting competitors, you would have to handle waiting on hold for potentially a very long time, and once you actually get a human on the line, in many cases you may need to troubleshoot and follow technical steps that they are asking you to follow in order to try and fix the problem. We completely take this hassle out of your hands. Not only do we monitor all of our clients sites in hopes of catching any issues very quickly if they should arise, but if you make us aware of an issue that arises, we handle the hosting support aspect of it from start to finish. These bulk hosting competitors deal with hundreds of thousands of support related calls per day, which can make it very frustrating for you to feel like a priority and to get the issue resolved in a timely manner. We never want our clients to feel this way.
The difference lies in our full-service solution, proprietary platform layers, and industry’s best WordPress service. We’ll help you find the right blend of our technologies and service expertise to power your enterprise performance.
Your site benefits from best-in-class architecture
Reduce operational costs and keep your team focused on what they do best
Proactive security keeps your data and website safe
Clustered solutions provide the ultimate in scalability, security, and reliability.
Sites run 4 to 6 times faster with our technology
Strong uptime and resiliency to mitigate unexpected failures
Daily, weekly or monthly website backups
Real-time performance analytics and optimization recommendations
Our Personal Plan includes 1 install, 25k visits/mo, and 10GB storage. Plans start at $29 per month.
Let Wallendorf Studio handle your monthly website hosting and maintenance, security updates, and changes so that you are free to do what you best…operate your business.
•  Support hours (Making updates to content, and any new website development)
• Full website and database backups
We created a system that is designed by key revenue technicians for maximum simplicity. To make the transition even easier, we designate a transitional specialist dedicated to guarantee a smooth, fast migration from your previous provider.
• Eliminate hassles • After hours maintenance • Dedicated Concierge specialist