What types of design services does Wallendorf Studio offer?
Wallendorf Studio’s projects are scalable to fit the needs of a one-person startup, a multinational conglomerate and everything in between. We offer a full range of branding services beyond naming, such as brand identity design and the creation of brand launch materials, including business papers, websites, sales materials, ads. etc. Please read through our full list of services.
Can we meet in person?
In-person meetings in the San Diego area are included. For non-local clients, meetings will be held via Google Hangouts, or Wallendorf Studio can travel to meet you in person at an additional cost.
How much will it cost us to work with you?
Wallendorf Studio offers a wide range of services, from naming, web design and development, to logo and identity design, marketing and several other forms of print design. The cost will vary depending on which services are needed to be contracted, how complex the work required is, and how fast you want it to be completed. We work our clients budgets but please keep in mind that we charge based on our expertise, knowledge, creativity, and other fields that impact our work.
Depending on each project and the services it entails, a list of deliverables will be thoroughly outlined in our proposal.
How long will it take you to complete our project?
The amount of time needed to complete a certain project depends on its nature and the amount of work included and on other clients that we are working with at the time. We do our best to accommodate your delivery time requirements, but a project can take anywhere from a couple of days (quick updates, simple designs) to a few months. Project delivery dates will be outlined in your proposal.  Give us a call to schedule a free consultation.
Ask us how we can turn around your website design in as little as 14 days.
Do you offer hosting, domain names, and SSL Certificates?
Wallendorf Studio is a one-stop shop for all of your branding, online and marketing needs. We can register your domain names, hosting accounts, SSL Certificates, and setup of email accounts.
Our website is hosted somewhere else, what do we do? 
We will evaluate your current provider and determine if it’s the best solution for you moving forward. Wallendorf Studio offers best-in-class hosting with innovation-driven technology that ensures your website is fast and running 24/7/365. Our hosting services include daily backups, firewall, maleware scan, evercache, ssl ready, and cdn ready.
There are many hosting providers that offer bottom dollar hosting. If you are looking for the cheapest web host to run your sites, prepare to be hacked, run out of bandwidth, and possibly have your site shut off when you max out your allotted amount of monthly traffic. Is that worth saving a few dollars a month?
Will you instruct us on how to use the work you provide?
Depending on your needs and preferences, we either create a style guide for you, explaining how to best use your brand identity and website, or we train those in charge of your company’s identity on how to best employ our work.
How will we keep in touch during the process?
At Wallendorf Studio, we are known for our outstanding customer support and overall client satisfaction with the work we do. Whether by phone or email, we will always do our best to try and provide any assistance/support to our clients.
Do you guys offer a payment plan?
Yes, we offer 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans. Read more about our flexible payment plans here.
Typically, payment plans over a period of 1 year are not given. We require a credit card to be kept on file for all 3- to 12-month payment plans for security purposes of our work.
How will we pay you? What are the payment methods?
We require a 50% (unless otherwise stated) down-payment before starting any project. The remaining 50% will be paid when the project is completed, before transferring all relevant files to you. We accept these forms of payment: Direct Deposit, Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order, and Paypal (please keep in mind that you will have to add 3% to any payment when using Paypal).
How soon can we get started?
Once our proposal is authorized by the client, we will proceed to develop a timeline through which we will define delivery dates for each and every one of the tasks.  Time to complete projects is dependent upon client availability and participation, and the completion times posted here are estimates based on best case scenarios.
Why should I hire Wallendorf Studio?
Our Top 10 Reasons To Work With Us is a great way to learn more about us and what separates us from the rest.
Can you convert my existing website and make it responsive?
Yes, one of our primary focuses here at Wallendorf Studio is our responsive website design and development. All of our websites are fully-responsive for any device and browser.
Want to know more on how not having a responsive website is hurting your business? Read our blog post on this topic: Mobile-Friendliness to Become a Ranking Factor.
Can you manage our website?
Do you want to leave your current Website Company? Slow updates? Lack of knowledge and experience? For whatever reason, we are here to assist you and help you move forward. Our monthly maintenance services, include server migration, website enhancements, and various other options.
Read through our services here. Contact us for a complete list of website management features, or learn more about our extensive capabilities.
Can you be reached after the project is finished?
At Wallendorf Studio, we are known for our outstanding customer support and overall client satisfaction with the work we do. Whether by phone or email, we will always do our best to try and provide any assistance / support to our clients.
Will our new website work on a mobile device or tablet?
We understand that mobile devices account for over 53% of local business searches and online booking/reservations. Our fully responsive websites that we offer will scale down to any type of smart phone or tablet. Please explore our website to experience it.
Website issues/updates – Typical response time?
If you are an existing Wallendorf Studio client, simply click on our “Concierge Desk” tab and fill out the form with details of the issues or changes that need to be made. We aim to solve support tickets within 24 hours (Monday-Friday 9:30am-5pm PST).
Looking for more answers and information? 
Our blog is updated weekly and has a lot of great content to gain more information.
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